99¢ Dads Life Hack for Night Terrors

You’re like me, right; a working parent in an 10+ hour a-day job? You see your kids off to daycare and school in the morning, then come home at night just in time to bath, brush, book and bed them. Even if you’re not like me, you can relate.

Being a working parent, you cherish those few hours of connection at night – arriving home to a warm family welcome, learning of today’s [sometimes surprising] activities, sorting out conflicts between siblings, flossing, reading and being read to, some wrestling, hugging, a kiss and then it’s into bed. The time goes all too fast.

When I’m not “on” for bedtime duty I feel bereft and disassociated from my boys. It’s a feeling of emptiness. And yet, just between us…some nights when I come home, I feel anxious, tired, irritable, even ornery — I experience Night Terrors — and just don’t know how I will endure these hours of engagement until I am, myself, in my own beckoning bed.

Hard to imagine feeling this way, isn’t it? Geez, I’m sure it’s just me.

So…being an engineer and a student of the scientific method and psychology I studied this phenomena and experimented extensively with several approaches to manage the Night Terrors (most of which made them worse). Then I stumbled upon this little 99¢ gem, which by the way, is not for the week of nerve or light of sleep…you’ve been warned.

A single shot of espresso (99¢ at DD) before arriving home has done me proud on many evenings when I felt the Night Terrors starting to grab a hold of my psyche. YMMV.

Good luck and happy hacking…

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