A Few Parenting Resources

Hi Y’all,
Just sharing some parenting resources that have been helpful for me in my daily adventures and challenges as a “progressive[?]” Dad.


If you do the podcast thing, listen to a few episodes of Zen Parenting Radio and you’ll get hooked. I’ve met Tod and Cathy, listened to their show for over 4 years and continue to get great parenting tips and personal insight. These two are totally real. They record the podcast in their basement. Seriously.
Their website is full of very useful information. Make use of the search box.


If you’re not stressed by weekly email tips and reminders on how to stay calm and connected with your child, I highly recommend you subscribe to Dr. Laura Markham’s free email newsletter. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage at the link below to subscribe.


Are you wondering how to best engage, encourage and support your child in their pursuit of sports? John O’Sullivan, who founded ChangingTheGameProject.com, has a great Ted Talk you’ll want to watch.


Need a down-to-earth perspective from an enlightened Mom on screen-time, digital distractions, sexting and general insight on raising a “digital native”? Devorah Heitner [PhD] is a great resource and really “gets it”.


Hope you find some of this information helpful.