For my next trick…I need an assistant from the audience

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Reflecting on nearly 25 years of my career in high-tech, it occurred to me I’ve been sought out as a “turn around kid” for the last 15 years or so. Delivering strategic solutions mixed with emotionally intelligent leadership to complex technological and cross-matrixed team challenges is what I thrive on. I’ve had the great fortune (and damn good fun!) to build entirely new technologies, tools, businesses, and dramatically reduce new product introduction cycle times on well-established products and processes; Leading teams of people with brilliant minds, motivation and integrity, growing a new business in a Fortune 500 company from 0% market share to #2 silicon supplier in 2.5 years, merging and managing over $1Billion in capital assets and just recently reducing new RF Product Validation & Characterization Cycle times by +70% in highly competitive markets. The challenge of connecting very dissimilar systems –whether hardware, software or human-ware — is really what gets me jazzed-up in the morning. It surely helps to have experienced semiconductors from marketing to modeling to manufacturing to making money and most stages in between.

You’re Off to Great Places

Beginning in the October, 2015 time-frame, I’ll be available for my next excellent adventure. My current company is moving through the familiar post-merger, corporate redefinition and in response to business decisions my organization was classified as redundant. So, after taking some time to be closer to my family and hobby projects, I’ll be ready for my next big challenge. Please contact me privately if you’ve got something fun in mind.

Today is Your Day

Meanwhile, back at Force Manor…you can find me designing and building yet another hardware-hacker project which will most certainly require custom 3d designs, sensors and computer control. Preview some pics on facebook. @DadsLifeHacks

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