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A very simple set of keyed ribs and spine segments which can be used with clear poly to create a MicroGreenhouse dome over a section of plastic gutter. The spine segments are numbered. Attach the ribs, then orient the segments numerically. This will ensure optimum spacing between ribs. I’ve noticed …


Taking a project from problem statement through design and final solution: a Micro Greenhouse for our tomato seedlings using common materials – and the magic of Tinkercad and a Robox 3d printer.


We started with a sketch up of new indoor garden plans. My 3 and 5yo boys are enjoying the process of developing an idea into an actual project plan. We call it the “Magic Garden”.   Once we roughed out our idea on paper, we bought the needed supplies and …


I scaled the newest rev of the coffee monsta’ to fit the standard mason jar 68mm lid. My test print worked fine except for the supports, which became too small post-scaling. I also determined I like the inner lid rim better on the previous rev. So…I “smeshed” the two designs …


This is a template for designing your own temples for the Dilem interchangeable eyewear. This is for experimentation only and not intended for creation of mass quantities. How I Designed This This was my first original design, so I’m sure it could use some updating. I used a caliper and …