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I’m oddly reminded of the The Twilight Zone episode: To Serve Man as I write this update. Here’s how to order an Amazon Echo dot without already being a human slave to Alexa (Amazon requires customers to order the Echo Dot exclusively through their voice order service). This approach was …


why is it I forsee a conjugal tryst between Google Cardboard and Amazon Alexa getting all steamy in my basement? How do you decide which trends and technologies to track? Are you following multiple linkedin groups, saving stuff to Pocket and Instapaper, bookmarking articles [bookmarks, people. Seriously, who are we fooling with bookmarks?], opening …


Thanks for all your comments both online and through private messages regarding my update, “Are we there yet…?”. My inbox and mind are all a tingle with possibilities. This is a continuation of my last update. My PDA is Passé While the notion of enhancing my productivity through the use …