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3 & 5 year old boys make very demanding pirates. And so it was when they received a real brass telescope with leather appointments from their Grampa (who lives on the shore of Lake Superior, but that’s another story).  Tragically, they had no way to mount the new optics to …


Prototype 1: Raspberry Pi – 7″ touch screen controlled LCD. Full custom enclosure design, printed on 3D printer. The design was made using Tinkercad and printed on a Robox 3D printer.


Taking a project from problem statement through design and final solution: a Micro Greenhouse for our tomato seedlings using common materials – and the magic of Tinkercad and a Robox 3d printer.


Like many of you, I toss off probably 5 good ideas (some major, most minor) a month just because I don’t have the right collection of tools or talents at hand to manifest and test my concepts. For a career, I propose, specify and develop technical and human relational solutions for …