our AI Overlords & How i Bought a Dot

I’m oddly reminded of the The Twilight Zone episode: To Serve Man as I write this update.

Here’s how to order an Amazon Echo dot without already being a human slave to Alexa (Amazon requires customers to order the Echo Dot exclusively through their voice order service). This approach was verified to work this morning on iOS, but do it fast because Amazon closes up these loop-holes quickly.
On iOS:
– Open Amazon shopping app
– Search for Echo Dot
– Tap and hold Echo Dot listing until it becomes a drag-drop icon
– Drop the icon into the “Save & Compare” tray at the lower left of your screen
– You’ll see the Echo Dot icon in your tray

– Touch and hold the Echo Dot icon
– A menu pops-up
– Move the Echo Dot to your wishlist
– Using the Menu pull-down on the upper-left, select: Your Lists
– You’ll see the #EchoDot in your list; Touch “Add to Cart”

– Buy, buy, buy!

And always remember this quote from the former artist, formerly known as Prince

“If you don’t own your masters…your masters own you.”