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I’ve recently been on an extended away mission from my family. It’s been very challenging for me not to hear the sound of my children’s feet running across the floor or their joyful voices, playfully awakening to the new day. I search for comfort where it can be found. During …

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Some n years back — during an innocent time when a few of us, including myself, still subscribed to Pandora One — I unwittingly became aware of my fledgling doppelgänger, my twin — my “Zombie Shopper”. My Songs When I Want to Hear Them When I was 18 years old …

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  There I was, climbing out of my nothing special commuter car in the parking lot of my workplace. I was minding my own business, collecting my work day paraphernalia; backpack, coffee, lunch, etc. when a sound in the distance gave me pause. I’d heard that familiar sound before at …

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I’m oddly reminded of the The Twilight Zone episode: To Serve Man as I write this update. Here’s how to order an Amazon Echo dot without already being a human slave to Alexa (Amazon requires customers to order the Echo Dot exclusively through their voice order service). This approach was …